• Gothic Dark Inspiration Dress
    69,00 € Gothic Dark Inspiration Dress VIEW
    Now 69,00 € VIEW
  • Gothic Lolita Butterfly Dress
    169,00 € Gothic Lolita Butterfly Dress VIEW
    Now 169,00 € VIEW
  • Gothic Noble Jabot
    39,00 € Gothic Noble Jabot VIEW
    Now 39,00 € VIEW
  • Gothic Dark Fantasy Wings
    55,00 € Gothic Dark Fantasy Wings VIEW
    Now 55,00 € VIEW

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  • Punkrave
    “I love punk rave!♥ i find it the best brand. i love the quality on the clothings. my first Punkrave was the high waist skirt in black with[...]”
    Madeleine Charlotte B.
  • Punkrave
    “Je viens de recevoir ma toute première commande depuis votre site : un haut à capuche punk + mitaines et un haut tête de mort industrial punk.[...]”
    Valérie J.
  • Punkrave
    “PunkRave has the coolest clothes^^ now If only they had XXXL and made them long enuff to fit a 6ft 3inch guy like me lol!!!XD ”
    Adam James Quinn
  • Punkrave
    “ • Thanks for this leggings ”
    Kimi V.
  • Punkrave
    “ My favorite vest *:・゚✧ ”
  • Punkrave
    “ Love your cloth they are amazing ”
    Ciwana Black
  • Punkrave
    “ I love my "KEI-PUNK-GOTHIC-EMO-NANA-pant s-skirt-leg-warmers" so thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD ”
    Becky A.

Punk rave , from gothic lolita dress to visual kei clothing

Style for awesome people !

Founded in 2006, Our website is dedidacted to distribute Punk Rave and PyonPyon brand. PunkRave is mainly engaged in offering Punk and Gothic fashion with Gothic lolita and Visual kei  clothing. Our first influence is Punk fashion because we believe that "Punk is not dead!".Our second influence is Gothic clothing style ! Our third influence is of course Gothic Lolita ! You will find for sure your dreamed gothic lolita dress here ! And our final influence: Visual kei clothing ! Get the Dir en grey look with our visual kei clothes.